A love letter to the River

Allie Cunningham, of Science on the Fly, shares her love story with rivers

Allie Cunningham wading into a river during a fly fishing trip.

photo by John Land LeCoq


     It was when you became sick that I truly realized how much you mean to me. How long I have loved you, needed you, learned from you. My entire life I have tried to be self sufficient,  but now I realize how dependent I am, and always have been, on you.

    It is funny to think that I have known you my entire life. Even though I spent most of my earlier years with your cousin Big Blue, I recall seeing you from afar. You were always drifting by our house each day to visit the cranberry bogs. You ran alongside the trails that I walked with the dogs. They swam with you afterwards to cool off, but I never joined. You always seemed busy, hosting pool parties with the swans and snapping turtles. I did not think much of you then. Honestly you were a little too intimidating for my younger self.

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Allie Cunningham