Art-Science Fellows

Collaborating to create new insights and inspire action

photo by Gabrielle Russomagno, as part of collection The Quiet and the Mighty


In the face of climate upheaval, science and art offer complementary ways of exploring, understanding, and interpreting our world.

The Woodwell Climate Art-Science Fellows program recognizes artists who take the initiative to develop a collaborative relationship with one or more Woodwell Climate scientists and undertake a special body of work inspired by experiences with our work.

Fine art, music, dance, film, and other artistic mediums have stirred emotional and political responses to problems throughout human history. While climate science is critically important in responding to the climate emergency, science alone doesn’t inspire everyone to act. Artistic expression can help bridge the gap between facts and feelings by appealing directly to our emotions and our values while also exploring life’s important truths. Audiences aren’t the only ones who benefit—breaking down disciplinary silos through art-science collaboration can create something new and meaningful that wouldn’t result from either field alone.

In partnership with Highfield Hall & Gardens, Woodwell Climate is sponsoring an exhibition of new works inspired by Arctic research of Woodwell Climate scientists from May 21-July 14, 2024.

Current Art-Science Fellows

Aaron Dysart collaborates with Dr. Sue Natali to create sculptural artworks that explore the role humans play in the systems of nature.

Michaela Grill and Karl Lemieux collaborate with Dr. Jenny Watts to produce film works that provide an immersive experience of Arctic change.

Gabrielle Russomagno collaborates with Dr. Jenny Watts on photography that encourages a new perspective on northern landscapes.