20th Anniversary

Woodwell Climate @ Tanguro Field Station

photo by Chris Linder

Since research began at Tanguro Field Station in 2004, it has become an important hub for both research and education around tropical agriculture and tropical forests.

Over the course of 2024, Woodwell Climate and IPAM Amazônia will be hosting multiple events to celebrate the research and impacts generated at Tanguro, and to mark the milestone of its 20th anniversary.

Science Symposium
Between 9-12 June 2024, Woodwell and IPAM will hold a symposium in Brasília, Brazil presenting research results from 20 years of research at Tanguro.

Woodwell Climate Summer Celebration
On July 31, 2024, Woodwell will host our annual summer celebration at our campus in Falmouth, MA. This year, many of the exhibits, displays, and presentations will share research and impacts from work done at Tanguro.

Please refer to this page for updates as more information becomes available.