Alexandra Naegele Ph.D.

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Alex Naegele
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With an interdisciplinary background in climate science, environmental science, and international development, Dr. Alexandra Naegele studies the impact of climate change on society. Her current work examines climate impacts on a range of scales—from the intersection of climate change and national and regional security to working with under-resourced communities to build their climate resilience.

Dr. Naegele completed a B.S. in Environmental Science from The Ohio State University. After graduating, she served in the Peace Corps and worked on community-based adaptation to climate change in rural Morocco, where communities were facing the challenges of extended drought and extreme rainfall. She returned from the Peace Corps with the goal of bridging the science and the societal impacts of climate change, completing her M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, where she also earned a graduate certificate in International Development.

When she is not working, Dr. Naegele can be found outside backpacking, hiking, and biking.

Climate change affects everyone. The better we can understand climate impacts, the better we can address them.


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