Andréa D. de Almeida Castanho Ph.D.

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Andrea de Castano
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Dr. Andréa Castanho is an environmental physicist interested in understanding the human impacts on the coupled biosphere-atmosphere system in tropical forests. Her research is focused on the calibration, validation and application of numerical models to better characterize interactions between deforestation and climate in the Amazon Basin.

Dr. Castanho​ ​has been a Visiting Scholar at Woodwell Climate Research Center and has previously held postdoctoral fellowships at the Federal University of Ceará (Brazil), Woodwell Climate, and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she developed and applied remote sensing techniques to measure atmospheric aerosol pollution over megacities such as Mexico City and São Paulo.

Dr. Castanho​ holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Physics from the University of São Paulo.