David Byrne Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
David Byrne
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Dr. David Byrne uses models, big data analysis, and mathematical tools like machine learning to understand the physical risks that climate change poses to vulnerable communities. He brings to bear his background in mathematics and expertise on sea level rise and storm surge as a member of Woodwell Climate’s risk team.

Dr. Byrne earned his doctoral degree in physical oceanography, studying ways of improving real-time forecasts for dangerous storm surges. Since then, he has worked as a coastal ocean scientist at the National Oceanography Center in the UK, conducting coastal modeling, analyzing large datasets, and advocating for scientific best practices. Dr. Byrne is motivated by the desire to help vulnerable communities through transparent and accessible risk modeling.

Dr. Byrne enjoys hiking, traditional climbing, running, and mountain biking. He loves picking up new hobbies and aspires to improve his tennis swing.