José Lucas Safanelli Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
Jose Stafanelli

Dr. Jos>é Safanelli works to improve our understanding of soils and agricultural systems in order to contribute to food security and sustainable development. He works on the Soil Spectroscopy for Global Good project and others related to soil carbon monitoring.

Dr. Safanelli has been fascinated by agriculture since he was a child, as his grandparents and relatives lived in the countryside of Brazil. As an undergraduate student, he collaborated on soil research using soil spectroscopy, which led him to a career working with data science and spectral technologies.

Dr. Safanelli believes that sustainable agriculture can only be accomplished by integrating digital monitoring technologies into production to assess the true environmental impacts of agriculture on the landscape. He advocates for soils as a crucial element in climate change mitigation—they contain the largest terrestrial pool of carbon—and hopes he can contribute to the development of soil monitoring systems that make a difference.

Dr. Safanelli enjoys watching and playing soccer, and is a science and technology enthusiast. He loves spending his free time with family and friends.