Kathleen Savage M.Sc.

  • Senior Research Associate
Kathleen Savage

Ms. Kathleen Savage works in Woodwell Climate’s Arctic Boreal program. Her primary research focus is on the impacts of climate change on greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) exchange in northern forest and wetland ecosystems. She had developed methodologies for continuous measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes, data quality protocols and taught those techniques to other scientists and students.

One of her current projects involves investigating a novel approach to in situ quantification of CH4 oxidation in soils at the Howland Forest in Maine.

Ms. Savage obtained her B.Sc. at York University in Toronto and M.Sc. at McGill in Montreal.


A faraway man stands on top of a tall eddy covariance tower jutting out of a green forest

Methane Cycling in Northern Forests

Understanding the biophysical drivers of methane source and sink transitions in a northern forest in Maine.

Selected Publications

Formation and Fluxes of Soil Trace Gases

Meredith, L. K., K. Boye, K. Savage, and R. Vargas (2020). Soil Systems.


Mid‐infrared spectroscopy for prediction of soil health indicators in the United States

Sanderman, J., K. Savage, and S. R. S. Dangal (2020). Soil Science Society of America Journal.