Scott Zolkos Ph.D.

  • Research Scientist
Scott Zolkos

Dr. Scott Zolkos is an Arctic scientist, specializing in biogeochemistry and ecology. His research combines field and laboratory techniques with remote sensing to quantify and monitor climate change effects on mercury and carbon cycling across the northern permafrost region, with a focus on river chemistry and watershed science.

Dr. Zolkos is broadly fascinated by the implications of Arctic and global change for our biosphere. Through pursuing this fascination, his goal is to increase understanding of and appreciation for our planet so that we become better stewards of our environment. This motivation is, in part, inspired by his travels to magnificent wilderness regions of Siberia, Canada, and Alaska.

He is also passionate about science education and outreach, and finds working with students and northern communities to be among the most rewarding aspects of his collaborative research. Whether on the ocean, in the mountains, or finding new trails on Cape Cod, his favorite activities involve spending time outdoors with his family.

permafrost photo by Scott Zolkos


Mackenzie River near Tsiigehtchic. June 2003. Photo by Max Holmes.

Arctic Great Rivers Observatory

Since 2003, ArcticGRO has provided essential data about the biogeochemistry and discharge of the largest Arctic rivers.

Selected Publications

Mercury Export from Arctic Great Rivers

Zolkos S. et. al. (2020). Environmental Science & Technology.