Spencer Glendon Ph.D.

  • Senior Fellow
Spencer Glendon

Dr. Spencer Glendon is a generalist with formal degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics, and extensive training and experience in finance, history, and languages. He has lived and worked in Michigan, Chicago, Germany, Russia, China, and Boston. His work is inspired by the wealth of empirical data behind climate science, and its potential application for informing decisions.

Spencer Glendon at the Sohn Investment Conference in NYC, 2019

Above: CNBC EVENTS, Sohn Investment Conference 2019 / Photo by: Heidi Gutman/CNBC

For 18 years, Dr. Glendon was a Macroanalyst, Partner, and Director of Investment Research at Wellington Management, an investment management firm with more than $1 trillion in client assets. In that role, he spent several years focusing on models in climate science and finance, and understanding the gaps between the two disciplines and their practitioners.

Beginning in 2017, Spencer devoted himself exclusively to collaborating with Woodwell Climate and others to research the effects of climate change on civilization and share those findings publicly. In 2020, he founded Probable Futures – which aims to change how we think about, talk about, and plan for the future of our society and our planet. Probable Futures, in partnership with Woodwell Climate, is building better frameworks, tools, and storytelling to help people prepare for—and choose between—the futures that the climate offers us.

Selected Publications

RCP8.5 tracks cumulative CO2 emissions

Schwalm, C. R., S. Glendon, and P. B. Duffy (2020) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Redefining the power industry

Glendon, S. and L. Simon (2019) The McKinsey Quarterly