Zachary Zobel Ph.D.

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Zach Zobel
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Dr. Zachary Zobel set out to become a television meteorologist, but quickly discovered a different audience with a pressing need for climate science—decision makers.

He uses high-resolution climate models to quantify projected changes in temperature and precipitation extremes, with an emphasis on societal impacts in the next ten to thirty years. His work has produced insights into the shifting risks of deadly heat waves in the Middle East, flooding in Houston, air quality in India, and wildfires in California.

Working with partners in the private sector, Dr. Zobel strives to integrate climate science into business and finance strategies. He is the lead project scientist for Woodwell Climate’s initiative with Wellington Management, and assists in leading the research being conducted with the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

When he’s not modeling climate catastrophe, Dr. Zobel enjoys watching and participating in a variety of sports.

We know more about the science, they know more about the economics. It’s collaboration that brings those two together to produce novel insights and inform decision-making.


Above: Projected flood risk for Decorah, Iowa. / map by Carl Churchill

Woodwell & Wellington

Collaborating to integrate climate risk into financial decision making

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Eliminating barriers to climate resilience

Selected Publications

DiluviumDEM: Enhanced accuracy in global coastal digital elevation models

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Observational and model evidence together support wide-spread exposure to noncompensable heat under continued global warming

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Weather whiplash events in Europe and North Atlantic assessed as continental-scale atmospheric regime shifts

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