Zhongqi Chen Ph.D.

  • Research Scientist
Zhongqi Chen

Dr. Zhongqi Chen uses underwater cameras and deep machine learning to develop automated systems that count river herring. His research is focused on understanding how fish populations adapt to environmental changes, and identifying what management strategies can be implemented to help.

Dr. Chen previously studied populations of anadromous Pacific salmon species in the context of climate change. In his past research, he investigated the role of a fish’s cardiorespiratory function in thermal adaptation and pinpointed genetic markers of adaptive traits. Dr. Chen has found an interdisciplinary approach to be crucial to his work, and is now combining technology with his expertise in fish ecophysiology and conservation genomics.

Dr. Chen is excited to be collaboratively studying river herring populations and generating research findings that are relevant to fisheries management and conservation policies, especially in this critical time of rapid environmental change.