Zoë Dietrich M.A.

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Zoe Dietrich
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Zoë Dietrich builds and programs instruments used to measure greenhouse gasses from aquatic sources. This equipment is deployed in both the Amazon and the Arctic to gather better long-term measurements of gasses, like carbon dioxide and methane, and understand how they are fluxing in these environments.

Prior to joining Woodwell, Dietrich completed a master’s degree, studying methane production and consumption in estuaries and their response to sea level rise. Her experience is rooted in biochemistry and she has a longstanding fascination with the way tiny microbes facilitate global carbon cycling.

She hopes her work building automated measurement equipment will improve data collection on these processes, especially in remote areas of the Amazon and the Arctic where manual measurements can be expensive and time consuming.

In her spare time, Dietrich enjoys hiking, mountain biking, boogie boarding, and card games.


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