Woodwell Climate calls for peer review of findings from Presidential Committee on Climate Security

Stock image of the White House.

Statement from Woodwell Climate Research Center (formerly Woodwell Climate Research Center) President Dr. Philip Duffy:

“The Trump Administration’s decision to convene a committee that will examine whether climate change is a national security threat appears to be a politically motivated attempt to deny the reality of climate change. The issue is already well understood by federal government scientists, and the Defense Department and nation’s intelligence agencies already know that has serious implications for national security.

If President Trump does move ahead with this effort, the [Woodwell Climate Research Center] calls on the White House to subject the committee’s findings to peer review by the National Academies of Sciences.

To conduct such an investigation without independent, external peer review would render the findings meaningless. To make policy based on such a finding would be reckless and irresponsible.

The National Climate Assessment – issued last November – was vetted by 13 Federal agencies, reviewed by external experts and finally reviewed by the National Academies of Sciences. Given the profile of this new committee, and the important questions of policy that are at stake, the findings of this new committee should be subject to a review process at least as rigorous.”