Woods Hole Diversity Initiative statement on anti-Asian discrimination and violence

The Woods Hole Diversity Initiative condemns the recent violence and racist attacks against Asians and Asian Americans across our nation. These events harm not only our Asian colleagues and neighbors and their families, but also threaten the very fabric of our community. Together, we are committed to stand against racial violence, discrimination, xenophobia, and misinformation, whether such actions are directed against Asians and Asian Americans, or any other member of our community.

We cannot be bystanders, nor should we let injustice pass when we see it. The Woods Hole scientific community’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion principles recognizes our fundamental human dignity and seeks to build community for people of all races, ethnicities, gender identity, sexual orientation, and abilities. We will continue our work to address systemic racism and other cognitive biases, and examine ourselves and our institutions to identify the many ways our culture, processes, and policies can be changed to be more representative, supportive, and just.

Peg Brandon, President
Sea Education Association

Peter de Menocal, President and Director
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Philip Duffy, President and Executive Director
Woodwell Climate Research Center

Jon Hare, Director
NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Nipam Patel, Director
Marine Biological Laboratory

Rob Thieler, Center Director
USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center
Chair, Woods Hole Diversity Initiative