Valuing tropical forests

Nature in our climate budgets

photo by Paulo Brando

Last year at COP26, world leaders committed to ending deforestation by 2030, in addition to restoring millions of hectares of degraded forests and strengthening the rights of forest stewards. Yet we are currently not on target to reach this goal.

Preventing deforestation, especially of old-growth forests, must be our number one priority as a natural climate solution. Standing tropical forests are currently holding back nearly 1°C of warming—meaning they are one of the best options we have for mitigating the impacts of increasing global temperatures. Improving forest management and restoring degraded forests can also provide benefits, but there is no replacement for protecting trees already standing.

Part of developing solutions includes finding ways to incentivize forest protection. Carbon markets present a potential opportunity to direct finance to on-the-ground forest stewards and reduce emissions. Exploring these options in greater depth will add an additional tool to our tool belt of climate solutions.

At COP27, Woodwell will be advocating for leaders to:

  1. Recognize the full value of tropical forests as climate solutions;
  2. Develop and invest in mechanisms that promote forest protection by enhancing wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

Weds Nov 9, 15:00-16:30 EEST (8-9:30am ET). Woodwell and Global Choices side event –  Intertwined Fates: How the Arctic, Amazon, and Africa are connected and shape our climate future. This event will be live streamed via the COP27 website and YouTube. Learn more.

Thurs Nov 10, 9:00-11:00 EEST (2am-4am ET). Thriving forests and communities — comprehensive climate solutions; at the DRC Pavilion. Dr. Heather Goldstone, Dr. Mike Coe, Dr. Glenn Bush, Dr. Joseph Zambo, Dr. Ludmila Rattis speaking.

Fri Nov 11, 9:00-10:00 EEST (2am-3am ET). Leveraging forest science and payments for performance to meet DRC’s climate targets; at the DRC Pavilion. Dr. Heather Goldstone, Dr. Wayne Walker, and Dr. Glenn Bush speaking.

Sat Nov 12, 18:30-19:30 EEST (11:30am-12:30pm ET). Global Landscapes Forum Closing Plenary. Dr. Ludmila Rattis speaking.

Mon Nov 14. Land use in Brazil: villain, victim or hero of the climate crisis? Dr. Mike Coe speaking.

Dr. Mike Coe, Tropics Program Director

Dr. Glenn Bush, Associate Scientist, Risk, Tropics

Dr. Wayne Walker, Senior Scientist, Carbon Program Director

Dr. Ludmila Rattis, Assistant Scientist, Tropics

Dr. Manoela Machado, Postdoctoral Researcher